Graduation Ceremonies for the Conferral of Academic Degrees

§ 1. (1) The University of Vienna organises the following graduation ceremonies in honour of graduates of degree programmes who have been awarded an academic degree by the Studienpräses pursuant to section 87 of the 2002 Universities Act:

1. Graduation ceremonies for graduates of bachelor's programmes;

2. Graduation ceremonies for graduates of diploma and master's programmes;

3. Graduation ceremonies for graduates of doctoral programmes.

(2) The University organises the conferral of doctoral degrees under the auspices of the Austrian Federal President subject to the conditions of the Federal Act of 5 March 1952 on the award of doctorates under the auspices of the Federal President (Bundesgesetz vom 5. März 1952 über die Verleihung des Doktorates unter den Auspizien des Bundespräsidenten). These are held on the dies academicus of the University of Vienna, if possible.

(3) The programme director may decide, with the approval from the Rectorate, that a graduation ceremony is organised for graduates.

(4) The contribution to costs for graduation ceremonies are specified by the Rectorate.

§ 2. This regulation enters into force on 1 October 2021.


As of: 1 July 2021

The only legally binding version is the German version published in the University Gazette.