Target Agreements between the Head of the Faculty/Centre and an Academic

§ 1. (1) The heads of an organisational unit conclude target agreements with the academic members assigned to the organisational unit (section 20, para. 5 of the 2002 Universities Act).

(2) The head of the faculty or centre concludes target agreements with university professors, associate professors (section 122, para. 3 of the 2002 Universities Act) and associated professors (section 27, para. 5 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff as amended). He/she may delegate this responsibility only to his/her deputies. In all other cases, this responsibility may also be delegated to other qualified members of the faculty or the centre.

(3) In these other cases, the respective head of the subunit concludes target agreements as part of a staff appraisal unless the target agreements are concluded with the head of the organisational unit.

§ 2. The target agreement specifies the agreement drawn up between the academic and the head of the organisational unit on the teaching and research achievements to be made by the academic within a certain period and the resources to be made available by the head of the organisational unit for this purpose. Unless specified otherwise in the target agreement, the agreement period is one year.

§ 3. The head of an organisational unit may also conclude target agreements with the members of the academic staff having professorships or habilitations who are assigned to the individual subunits within the framework of an agreement reached jointly by the members of this subunit. In any case, the target agreements specify the achievements to be made by each member of the subunit during the agreement period, the resources required for this and the immediate superiors of the individual members of the subunit.

§ 4. (1) The target agreement is based on the performance agreement between the University of Vienna and the Federal Government (section 13 of the 2002 Universities Act), the Development Plan (section 22, para. 1, sub-para. 2 of the 2002 Universities Act), the target agreements of the organisational unit with the Rectorate and the strategic objectives of the respective organisational unit and its subunits. The results of quality assurance and demand-oriented planning in teaching are taken into account.

(2) It has to be ensured that academic university staff are left appropriate scope to pursue their research and teaching activities independently (section 20, para. 5 of the 2002 Universities Act).

§ 5. (1) This part of the Statutes enters into force on the day following its announcement in the University Gazette.

(2) At the same time, the “Target Agreements” part of the Statutes, University Gazette of 23 December 2003, 4th edition, no. 14 ceases to be effective.


As of: 29 March 2014

The only legally binding version is the German version published in the University Gazette.